• Hobart/Starline/Washtech/Eurowash dishwasher repairs.

    Servicing and repairs

    Call us 0800 90 60 30

    Emergency repairs

    No matter what dishwasher New Zealand made or European we have the technical expertise to service or repair your machine.

    Email us on: service@cesw.co.nz

    Routine servicing

    We will ensure that your machine meets the requirements of the health department, wash and rinse temperatures,

    we will give your dishwasher a warrant of fitness.

  • Convotherm/Bakbar/Blue Seal/Unox/Rational oven repairs.

    Call us 0800 90 60 30

    Emergency repairs

    Call us in an emergency to fix your combi oven and get your kitchen up and running again.

    Email us on: service@cesw.co.nz

    Planned maintenance

    Descaling, cleaning, our planned maintenance will keep your oven running in top order building reliability into your operation.

  • Excellence with reliability

    For service call 0800 90 60 30

    Gas repairs

    Licensed technicians

    Electrical repairs

    Licensed technicians

  • Gas or Electrical Repairs phone 0800 90 60 30 or email: service@cesw.co.nz

    Servicing all popular brands.


    All kitchen equipment service

    Gas repairs


    Blue Seal , Waldorf, Garland, Pitco, Imperial, Zanussi, Electrolux, Cobra and all other brands.

    From a simple gas appliance repair to a complete

    installation service with certification we can oblige, give us a call for a competitive service.


    Equipment Servicing.


    Ensuring the equipment you use in your kitchen is safe to use can be central to making sure your business is operating smoothly and staff are safe. Regular planned maintenance can spot developing faults before they put your equipment out of action.


    We can carry out routine servicing for all types of commercial catering equipment and offer service contracts which take the headache out of remembering to get all your equipment serviced regularly.

    Combi oven repairs

    Electrical repairs

    Blue Seal, Convotherm, Rational, Unox, Hobart, Washtech, Eurowash, Starline, Bakbar Turbofan to name a few.



    We can carry out all electrical repairs and appliance installations, ovens, dishwashers, fryers, grills, combination ovens, in fact any commercial appliance.


    Using thermal imaging technology to assist with accurate diagnosis and see future issues you can be sure your repairs are in the best hands.


    We always ensure at the end of any repair that your equipment is electrically safe.


    Combi oven repairs

    Gas Safety


    Here at Catering Equipment Services we take gas safety in the modern commercial kitchen very seriously. We can offer gas safety inspections of full kitchens, single appliances and everything else in between.


    We recommend at minimum a gas safety inspection of your commercial kitchen is carried out on an annual basis and any recommended works are completed to ensure you remain compliant with gas safety regulations and keep your staff safe.


    It is becoming more commonplace for insurance companies to insist on a valid gas safety certificate before they will consider insuring commercial premises.


    Our gas engineers can produce approved inspection reports
    and certificates for insurance purposes and peace of mind. These reports can be sent electronically or as hard copies direct to site.

  • Phone 0800 90 60 30

    or email


    Manufacturers Warranty


    All suppliers offer warranty, however you need to check out the small print as most only offer warranty callouts during normal business hours and as everyone knows problems occur at the most inconvenient of times.


    Ask us about providing 7 day labour cover for the warranty period of your equipment it might not be as expensive as you think.

    Equipment advice

    Equipment advice


    With our years of experience and vast technical knowledge we can advise you on the best equipment to suit your needs.

    As we do not sell equipment we can give you informed impartial advice, of course we have our favoured brands, these tend to be the brands that offer on going technical support and most importantly hold a good range of spare parts so when things do go wrong they can be fixed quickly and effectively.

    Pizza industry specialists

    Pizza Industry Specialists


    Middleby Marshall / XLT/ Lincoln / Blodgett


    Conveyor ovens are our speciality, whatever the brand of conveyor oven you have, we have the knowledge and skills to maintain or repair your oven anytime.


    Also comprehensive oven cleaning and servicing plan available, having your gas ovens serviced not only ensures economy but also ensures you are meeting your health and safety responsibility to your by ensuring the oven is set up correctly and that there are no gas or CO issues.



  • Full installation and servicing service available 0800 906030

    Contact us below

    WOW oven service

    New oven reduces cook time considerably, taking industry by storm.

    Wow ovens


    CESW are North Island service agents for Middleby Australia with our technicians having attended factory training so you can be assured your oven is set up and commissioned correctly from day one, should the unexpected happen then with our stock of essential parts you will be up and running in the fastest possible time.

    Blodgett oven service

    Tried and trusted by 100's

    The Blodgett 3870


    CESW have been involved with the installation and servicing of this trusted oven since 1996, although an older model there are still plenty in use, we have the parts in stock to keep these ovens working for many years to come.

  • Dishwashers

    Looking for a new dishwasher, we can supply and install a top of the line replacement for your old machine. If we install and commission your new machine then you can be sure it will pass all regulatory checks and tests.

    Eurowash repairs

    European pedigree and quality.



    Hobart repairs

    Famous the world over.

    Starline repairs

    European quality.


    Commercial dishwasher repairs

    No matter what dishwasher New Zealand made or European we have the technical expertise to service or repair your machine.


    We will ensure that your machine meets the requirements of the health department, wash and rinse temperatures,

    we will give your dishwasher a warrant of fitness.



    Spare parts sales are available for all brands.


    Phone us for expert advice when you need a new machine.



    0800 90 60 30

    Commercial dishwasher repairs

    If you need a commercial dishwasher repair, it helps to know that the company you are dealing with will react quickly and efficiently to have your warewashing equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.


    Catering Equipment Services trained technicians can usually call initially same or next working day and will repair many issues on the spot.


    If the repair requires any special order parts, our back office team can quickly source and obtain parts for most popular makes of Dishwasher to ensure downtime of your dishwasher is kept to a minimum.

    0800 90 60 30

  • Combination ovens


    Planned maintenance or emergency repairs call us for expert help.

    0800 906030

    Convotherm repairs

    Top quality combi ovens

    Spare parts available


    Our newest technician from the UK

    has 16 years catering equipment experience and has been trained by all of Europes leading brands.


    Blue Seal repairs

    Whatever the brand

    Blue Seal, Convotherm, Rational, Unox


    We carry a comprehensive range of spare parts in every vehicle.


    If you are outside of our area we are happy to supply you with the parts so your local service technician can fit them.

    Unox oven repairs

    We have the technical know how.

    Give us a call 0800 906030


    If your not happy with your current service provider then call us on 0800 90 60 30 and we will provide you with a very competitve service or planned maintenance rate.

  • Our equipment partners


    Catering Equipment Services has been selected by a number of suppliers to carry out warranty work on their behalf, we

    are proud to have been chosen to offer our technical services by New Zealand's top suppliers.

    Safco New Zealand


    Suppliers of Eurowash, Imperial, Sharp, Panasonic, Waring and much more.

    Suppliers of a complete range of catering equipment.


    Suppliers of ware washing, food preparation and cooking equipment.




    Suppliers of Blue Seal, Waldorf, Bak Bar, Convotherm and much more.



    Southern Hospitality


    Suppliers of a complete range of catering equipment.


    Middleby Australia



    Suppliers of conveyor ovens, Pitco fryers, Turbochef and much more.


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    Please phone before driving to our workshop as we are most often at our customers site.

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